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BoatOriginal EngineNew EngineBoatOriginal EngineNew Engine
Albin BalladVolvo MD7Beta 20Albin NovaYanmar 2GMBeta 20
Beneteau First 30Yanmar 2GMBeta 16Beneteau 30 EVolvo MD5Beta 16
Beneteau First 40Perkins PeramaBeta 43Buccaneer 16'VetusBeta 14
Cheverton 28'2x Lister Alpha2x Beta 43Classic 30 Kelvin petrolBeta 30
Contessa 32'Yanmar 2GMBeta 20Contest 36KVolvo MD17CBeta 43
Contest 36SVolvo 2003TBeta 38Cornish Crabber YawlYanmar 1GMBeta 20
Cygnus 19'New buildBeta 43Cygnus 19'Mitsubushi 12Beta 20
Cygnus 19'Yanmar 2GMBeta 20Dutch Barge 65'new buildBeta 90
Ericson 35'Yanmar 3GM FBeta 30Falmouth working boat TraditionalYanmar 2GMBeta 20
Fisher 25'Bukh DV20Beta 30Fisher 30'Volvo MD17CBeta 38
Forgus 36'Volvo 2003T SDBeta 38Freedom 35'Volvo 2003Beta 30
Gib Sea 96Volvo D1 20Beta 20Golant Gaffer 20'Lombardini 10Beta 14
Golden Hind 31'Lister SR2WBeta 38Halberg Rassy 352Volvo 2003TBeta 38
Halmatic 30'Volvo MD11Beta 20Hambledon Fleet TenderPerkins 6.354 gensetBeta Sabre 86kVa
Herd 28'Vetus 30Beta 25Huff of Arklow ClassicBeta 28Beta 28 Hydraulic
Kingfisher 20'Ford XLDBeta 43Kingfisher 25'Ford 4DBeta 90
Lady Audatious Classic2- BMC Captain2- Beta 75LM 27'Bukh DV20Beta 25
LM 28SDBukh DV20 SDBeta 25 SDLM 27'Volvo MD17CBeta 38
Macwester 22'Yanmar 1GMBeta 14Macwester 26'Vetus 30Beta 25
Marlo 38'Volvo 2003TBeta 38MG 27 SDVolvo 2001 SDBeta 14 / 120S
Moody 425Thornycroft Ford XLDBeta 50Moody Eclipse 33Volvo 2003TBeta 38
Moody 336Volvo 2003Beta 35Moody 30 SDVolvo MD2 SDBeta 25 SD
Moody 31'Volvo 2003Beta 30Moody 33'BMC 1.5Beta 38
Mooy 44 Mk 1Perkins 4.108Beta 60Nic 38 Perkins 4.108Beta 43
Nicholson 32'Saab 10Beta 28Northney 34'Bukh DV20Beta 30
Peter Duck ClassicBMC 1.5Beta 35Plymouth Pilot 24'New buildBeta 43
Plymouth Pilot 18'Lister PetterBeta 20Rival 38 Perkins 4.108Beta 43
Sadler 34'Bukh DV20Beta 30Sadler 29'Bukh DV20Beta 20
Saltrum 20'SoleBeta 35Scampi 30'Farryman hydraulicBeta 20 Hydraulic
Scanmar 33' Volvo MD2C SDBeta 30 SDSiesta 40'Volvo MD21Beta 43
Sigma 33'Volvo 2002Beta 20Soteria Ex Danish fishing boatDAF 120Beta 150
Southerly 105Bukh DV36Beta 43Tradewind 33'BMC 1.5Beta 38
Twister GRPBukh DV10Beta 20Twister WoodMitsubushi 16Beta 20
Westerly CorsairVolvo 2003Beta 38Westerly FulmarVolvo 2002Beta 25
Westerly 21'Petter Mini 6Beta 14Westerly StormVolvo 2002Beta 30
Westerly RivieraVolvo 2003TBeta 38Westerly Ocean RangerVolvo 2003Beta 38
Westerly MerlinVolvo 2002Beta 35Westerly CentaurVolvo MD2Beta 20
Westerly GK 29'Petter Mini twinBeta 16Westerly GriffonVolvo MD7Beta 20

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    Mob: 07770 600083

         or 07876 610399

If you have a boat that needs a new engine, give us a ring to discuss your exact requirements.